Let's Hear it for the Boys

Today, tattoos have become an important part of self-expression and fashion. I feel like it is more common to have a tattoo than not, something that has drastically changed in the past decade. This week’s Fashionisto wears his skull on his sleeve, literally.

I understand that tattoos are not for everyone, but his define him well. His already finished sleeve was a work in progress for over a year, giving him the chance to adapt and change whenever he needed to. His most recent addition (actually only about two days old) was the large sugar skull, the first piece of his new sleeve. All of his pieces are incredible in design and color, something to keep in mind when thinking about your own tattoo.

Hint: If debating whether or not to get a tattoo yourself, make sure it is an accessory you are ready to have forever. I’m all for things that are aesthetically pleasing, but when it comes to ink, think about how much your style has changed in just the past year. There are tons of websites like FYeah Tattoos that you can browse to get inspiration. Tattoos are often a conversation starter, so it’s always cool when people have a story behind them. Location is also key, as that decides who is going to be able to see it. If you’re not sure you want to bare it on your arms, opt for your back or another place that is easily covered with clothing. White ink is also an awesome option for something more subtle.


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