LET’S HEAR IT FOR THE BOYS: Dare to Layer Winter Plaid

Let's Hear it for the Boys

With my leather jacket and Starbucks in hand, I was dreading the zapping cold. I knew what I had to and whom I had to find: a striking Fashionisto who knew how to beat the cold! After roaming the roads, I was ready to call it quits for the day before my fingers permanently froze. Just then, I found him, the one. Breath whisping about in the air, I got the shot. This Fashionisto seemed to know how to surpass the stark climate.

During this time, most Fashionistos whip out the big jackets that engulf their masculine frame, but chic layering is the way to accomplish fashion royalty. While layering is evident, it’s the way this Fashionisto accomplished his look that makes it trendy. He first started with a shirt, then a rich navy hoodie. Next, he topped it off with a bright winter plaid. The plaid definitely adds a focal point to the outfit. It also adds some winter festivity to brighten everyone’s day.

The past notion of plaid is the old man lumberjack plowing away at a forest. But what’s in fashion always finds its way back in our closet. What’s old becomes new again. So Fashionistos, celebrate this peppery pattern.

This Fashionisto took layering and made it an art to seal in the warmth! First fashion go-getters, start with a well loved basic shirt then build from there, adding on a hoodie that’s well lined in a neutral or in a primary color. Using such colors will help ground the outfit and make it look effortless. Now to add the winter festivities in plaid. Fashionistos make sure to aim for bright fabulous colors to make your outfits shine. For the bottom half, keep it neutral. Chinos are an awesome option, but in a heavy weight to lock in all that’s toasty. Lastly, this Fashionisto adds some well loves kicks in a rich suede.

Hint: Fashionistos beware of the cold. It’s now a blasting force. In your wardrobes, lock away the big voluminus jackets and opt for chic layering for a relaxed look. While the layering makes a statement, make an even bigger one by introducing winter plaids. Happy winter weather Fashionistos!


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