LET’S HEAR IT FOR THE BOYS: Classy or Clashing?

Let's Hear it for the Boys

Fashion over function, right? I know I’ve contemplated buying a pair of thick-rimmed glasses and punching out the frames a few times. Fashion has the ability to speak to all, but only some can understand it. Take this Fashionisto for example. I applaud him for showing off his purple argyle socks. Even if they’re nowhere near the orange tones of his shirt on the color palette. While some might call that “tacky” we call it cool.

Runway has been integrating more mismatching using bright colors and patterns over the last few years. Quite a shock after the natural color palettes that were prevalent for so long. But trendsetters have been mismatching for years. If you’re truly a fashionista/o than you have complete artistic freedom to pair whatever you patterns you wish together.

For the most part, men’s fashion tends to be a little less loud than women’s. Yet there’s always some talented young men like this Fashionisto that can manage to incorporate tons of details to make their style scream. Beginning with plain pieces, this Fashionisto wears a fall favorite, the grandfather sweater with a pair of simple black jeans. Now to add a fashionable flare he wears a two-toned orange T-shirt under his sweater and manages to roll his jeans enough to show off his carefully chosen argyle socks. The two dominating colors don’t clash, they pop. It’s all how you wear it. The argyle, the glasses—even the hat—are all accessories that work in an effort to show his studious influence. While the color pop adds a fashion flare to his academic look.

Breaking rules and overstepping boundaries is what gives a fashion icon their title. Wearing glasses as an accessory isn’t silly, it’s inventive. Piecing together opposing colors, isn’t lazy, its daring. So next time you want to add your own twist, don’t be afraid to be different. After all that’s what makes you a Fashionista/o!

Hint: Mismatch is in, so take it and run! Pair opposing colors to add a pop to your plain ensemble


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