Let's Hear it for the Boys

The camouflage look has come back full force for fall this year. The camo look is an edgier version of the militaristic trends we've seen in large popularity and a different twist on the militaristic-inspired look this fall. Last fall, the military-inspired looks for menswear street style had a taste that was minimalist and dapper. This was playing up the elegance of the military look and presented an almost a regal essence to the look.

A good example would be the Marc Jacobs collection. This season it is much more about the classic grunge and bad boy feel to the style. The camo look is interesting to me in that the purpose of the camouflage is dynamic. Camouflage brings a kind of aggression, seeing that it is refrenced with battle, yet the point of camouflage is to blend in with your surroundings and hide. This camouflage look is perfect for street style, with an essence of intensity and gritt with mystery. There is a bit more of a focal point on the look of expressing individuality, adding your personal style to the look. The camo and militaristic grunge look is coming back with denim with a touch of regal elegance through accessories.

This Fashionisto made a good move pairing the great jacket with a simplistic grey shirt and denim shorts. The highlight of the complete look is when the shoes are taken into hand. The shoes are the touch of structure that brings a genius edge to the look. I found that the Denim & Supply by Ralph Lauren army jacket is a great camo army jacket similar to the one this fashionisto is rocking. 

While researching this topic, I came across an ideal fashion blog for menswear in general but when I saw this post I had to put it in. This blogger highlights a few great ways to rock the Camouflage look in the post Standing Out & “Blending In” – A Post On Camouflage. The blog shows a lot of different ways to work with the camo print and use it in different clothing pieces.

Honing in on the jacket like this Fashionisto is rocking, I would love to see a hat with this look. One hat that would pair well would be a winter-esque beanie, something similar to this Vestal Moccasin men's beanie. I would also like to see a contrasting print on a hat against the camo, something like this VANS Broloha Men's Hat.

Fashionistos, the message this week is to rock the camo and bring your individuality to the overall look through unique accessories. Continue to go in full force for fall!


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