LET’S HEAR IT FOR THE BOYS: Business, Bow Ties and Boots

Let's Hear it for the Boys

Probably one third of Temple University’s student population is dressed in business attire on a daily basis. Considering Temple’s Fox School of Business is recognized around the country, their renowned program is constantly holding events requiring students to wear the correct dress. Every day I spot tastefully dressed Fashionisot’s and contemplate taking a photo. But what’s exiting about another suit jacket and tie?

This Fashionisto took his dress to the next level. He managed to incorporate a true sense of self in an ensemble that’s usually just as uniform as the next. The bow tie is a difficult trend to wear. It can often seem too flashy or even goofy. This Fashionisto wears it effortlessly and without looking a bit out of place. His business casual attire is accessorized well, supported with his bow tie, belt, Ray Ban's and distressed boots. The belt, a contrasting color to the rest of the outfit works well breaking-up his blues and grays. His shoes on the other hand were a surprising addition. While I would expect another pair of loafers, this Fashionsito took a plunge and added a pair of distressed boots. These slightly worn boots didn’t degrade his outfit in any way. I would expect such an addition to make him look more casual but they appeared to me as a classy, trendy addition.

In a sea of uniform dress there’s always a way to stand out. Take it from this Fashionisto! Don’t stick to long ties and loafers, take a leap and add your own flare.

Hint: Don’t be so quick to follow the rules of “business” dress, there’s always room to add a little flare.


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