Let's Hear it for the Boys

As a part of the student body at Indiana University, everyone is aware of the added pressure placed upon students to wear the business casual attire on a regular basis. Even though it's not required, it's highly recommended among the faculty to be presentable at all times but with the long nights and early mornings it may be very difficult for some to maintain the suit and tie attire. Luckily for us students, the business casual attire as we once knew it has transformed to adjust to the 20th century lifestyle, newly redesigned to fit within the trends of fashion. 

Men's fashion for 2012 is now being influenced by many factors including different colors, shapes and trends, such as grunge. Grunge is a style influenced by rock music characterized by a raucous guitar sound and lazy vocal delivery. This style is now being implemented and executed within traditional business wear silhouettes.

How grunge has transformed from the casual business attire is very simple, as showcased by this Fashionisto. He transformed from a pair of nice dress pants to a pair of black denim, accompanied with a nice blazer jacket, which is a basic of the casual business attire. Instead of a solid colored dress shirt this Fashionisto chose a printed T-shirt. Lastly, instead of a pair of dress shoes this Fashionisto chose to wear a pair of military inspired combat boots to help complete his look along with a brown sling bag.

You too can recreate this look by following a few helpful tips: Opt for shirts that don't have bold colors or overbearing patterns. Make your jean purchases more interesting than a traditional wash, try acid wash for an interesting constrast, and when choosing a shoe choose a pair that's classic, but a little rugged such as these Doc Martins or Chuck Taylors.

Hint: Still unsure of what grunge is? For inspiration, take a look at these Kurt Cobain inspirired looks: Be My Valentine or this Kurt Cobain in the Brain.


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