Let's Hear it for the Boys

Who says you have to match anything anymore? In 2012 style has evolved from who can match everything in one color, to what colors work together to create a look. Color blocking is not only for the ladies; it can be a fun and edgy way of playing with multiple colors for Fashionistos as well. You can mix and match your favorite colors together to create a unified look. Some men try to run from colors and color blocking in fear of failing. This Fashionisto is an example of how to color block without looking out of place.

To start his color blocking scheme this Fashionisto wears a vintage short sleeve salmon button-up shirt. He pairs it with a pair of mint green shorts with a slight cuff on the bottom. These two colors together create a warm fall look that work together versus fighting to be the main piece. For the shoes he goes neutral with a pair of beige desert boots by Clarks. He also adds a pair of charcoal grey socks to add to the color block. For accessories this Fashionisto keeps it simple and wears a faded black backpack and a navy blue, star print handkerchief. By combining all of these different color elements into one look, this Fashionisto creates an effortless, fashion forward, color blocked look. Color blocking is also a fun look to do during the fall as colors are changing and layering will become a must.

Hint: Mix and match your closet! Take pieces in your closet that you already have and mix them with other pieces in the same color palette. You can do color blocking with any color you choose. Not only can you use pastel, neon and other vibrant colors, you can try a neutral color block palette. Try matching a navy blue polo with a pair of army green pants and wearing a pair of tan shoes with it. Take the time and try to mix and match a new outfit with the clothes you already own.


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