LET’S HEAR IT FOR THE BOYS: Back Track to Turtlenecks

Let's Hear it for the Boys

I don’t know if it’s the weather or the stress of finals that has pushed Temple University into a fashion rut these past few days. If I see one more pair of sweatpants on campus I’m going to rip my hair out. Clearly no one around here read my article, ‘Dress Well Do Well’ because what I’ve been seeing completely goes against my theory. I had to chase this fabulous fellow down for he was one in a million around here.

This Fashionisto’s sleek ensemble, that appears to be so simple, is full of character mixing old trends, new trends, staple pieces and a little personality. As I began researching the main object here—turtlenecks—I accidently read two articles from the 1960s before I came across the fall 2012 stories. It’s funny how trends honestly do recycle. Did you really think you’d be wearing turtlenecks again? I swore that trend was done after elementary school but I’ll be the first to admit I just asked for one for Christmas… Although it went out for a little while, it’s true Fashionistos, layering turtlenecks is your new go-to. You’ve been layering V-necks for too long now, it’s time to change it up. Add a sleeker touch this holiday season and buy yourself a simple, fitted turtleneck. This Fashionisto takes the trend and makes it his own by adding his own edgy details. Combining his seemingly soft turtleneck and blazer and pairing them with distressed jeans, jewelry and combat boots it gives him the picture-perfect edgy touch. He achieves a fierce, classy style by keeping it simple yet paying attention to detail.

Make me proud Fashionistos and keep on top of your appearance the same as you would your grades to finish the semester. Take it from this Fashionisto, no need to go all out. A key piece like a turtleneck with light layers and accessories is just enough to keep you looking your best. So I’ll tell you again, if you dress well you do well!

Hint: Try out a turtleneck this winter, make it your own with layers and accessories


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