Let's Hear it for the Boys

Is it me or have I been photographing a lot of laced-up shoes? It seems as if every man who has a sense of style in Austin, Texas only wears shoes with laces, in particular some type of boot. This week’s Fashionisto is no exception to this reoccurring trend and I had to stop myself from asking what brand his shoes were, as I immediately knew they were Clarks. When I think of the various types of personal styles that Austinite men embody, a pair of Clarks or Dr. Martens boots always comes with the picture. The boot provides a sort of indie vibe that screams music-goer, much like Dr. Martens evoke 90s punk style. Although it has become a common trend amongst Fashionistos, Austin, Texas has become the perfect hub for chukka boots and desert boots from stores like Clarks, since it is the live music capital.

This Fashionisto furthers the casual music-goer look by pairing a dark wash jean with a plaid button down. Only a few years ago, plaid was associated with lumberjacks and was seen only in flannel, and has now transferred itself to every material possible—most commonly, cotton. Today, while plaid shirts are seen in a wide range of stores geared towards different patrons of socioeconomic backgrounds, plaid is most commonly linked with men who shop at Urban Outfitters and who are known for their alternative style. In Austin, it’s not uncommon to see men in plaid with either shorts or pants and this Fashionisto opted for jeans with a pair of Clarks boots. It goes to show that the men of Austin dress appropriately for the laid back music-filled city, whether that means dressing beyond retro or extra alternative.

Hint: Try different sleeve lengths for plaid shirts. Short-sleeved plaid shirts look best buttoned up to the top and tucked in a pair of cropped trousers. To add a finishing touch, either let a pair of colorful socks peek  through or wear a bow-tie to look like stylist Brad Goreski.


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