Let's Hear it for the Boys

Society today has us too high strung and geared to buy big for less; the more the better right? Why not buy two for twenty-five or buy three and get one free? Today, that’s what we look for when shopping. ‘We’ known as the consumers have lost the true value of shopping. No it’s not how much you shop or how much you have in your closet or the cheapest price you paid, it’s about the quality the item holds.

We all know about the recession, but hey, that doesn’t mean you buy more for less, it means the total opposite. Instead save your pennies and spend them on an item of quality and use. You want something you can wear throughout time and not be a season use deal, where it ends in the trash. Think, you're throwing away money and hurting the environment with wear and tear items.

Find this passion behind this Fashionisto’s dressing rules! He continues to express that there’s no problem spending money on clothes and or accessories, knowing that there’re going to last, including the satisfaction. When dressing, he always does layers, from light autumn jackets to causal chinos. When putting together a look, this Fashionisto says he always looks at shoes. For him they are the most important part of a look, almost like the marker to an expression point; they can tell you a lot about a person, what there likes and dislikes are, even for shadowing their true personality.

Fashionisto’s searching for the new trend of quality and make, here are the keys to this form of expression. He is wearing a vibrant orange polo, casting a warm mood, not too dressy, but put together perfectly with a light double breast windbreaker. It’s just enough to exile the cool breeze for Savannah. Instead of jeans, we have a nice twill pinstripe pant. It’s light like a chino, but has a little more class, not to over express the pinstripe. As the topper goes, his Tod’s boots tie it all together. The rich suede is lapping and versatile.

Hint: Fashionisto’s conjure up a new mind frame and rethink the way you shop. Say goodbye to quantity and satisfy the mind with quality. Buy pieces that will last through the ages. To master this Fashionisto’s look, search for bright polo’s, light stylish windbreakers and relaxed causal trousers. Don't forget your best shoes!


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