LET’S HEAR IT FOR THE BOYS: A Spikey Situation

Let's Hear it for the Boys

Spikes! Camera! Fashion! This season street fashion has reached a whole new height. Lately spikes have become a constant staple in street fashion, adding a dangerous appeal to any look. They've swept the scene in a variety of sizes and colors such as gold, black, silver and even bronze. I’ve spotted spikes and studs on everything ranging from boots and jackets, to cell phone accessories. Spikes have been on the scene for a while but have not really sprung into culmination until this year. High fashion designers such as Christian Louboutin have adopted this trend by spiking bags, shoes and jewelry.

This Fashionisto shows that he's all for this trend by sporting spiked boots in his rockstar-inspired ensemble. He also wears black and gray plaid skinny jeans with a blue, gold and white T-shirt, layered with a blue, black gray and white plaid flannel shirt. He further accessorizes with a black scarf and a multi-chained spiked necklace and rocks a black fur-lined floppy eared hat to finish off his look. The coolest thing about this Fashionisto’s look is that his fashion goes way beyond his clothes. This Fashionisto possesses the envy of all iPhones, better known as a studded black cell phone case! This simple outfit is turned edgy due to the detail of the metal spikes that line the seam of his boots. With this kind of attention on this Fashionisto’s boots, he will always remain one step ahead of the rest!

Hint: To catch on to this cool new look add spikes to your wardrobe. You could either buy spiked garments or even order them in bulk on eBay and spike everything!


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