Let's Hear it for the Boys

Gentlemen everywhere should know the importance of how to piece together a great business wear outfit. From ties to slacks, oxford shirts and shoes, belts and suspenders, business wear is perfect for any man on a mission.

Here we have this young Fashionisto who’s delivering all of that and more. His black and gray color combo is perfect for making a statement of “I’m going to do some work, watch out.” He chooses a black oxford shirt, a continuous staple for any man’s closet, and it is fitted properly against his frame. Next we have his standard black slacks, which always are great to pair with almost any business type of outfit. Remember Fashionistos, slacks look better when tailored to fit your body. Make sure they aren’t too loose or too tight! If you don’t have time to go to a tailor, there are many stores that carry fitted or tailored slacks and chinos.

Next this Fashionisto utilizes a great vest in gray, which adds some major style points to an already stylish outfit. If you ever are looking for a great business type vest, keep focused on solid colors like gray, navy, tan or black. Don’t go for the bright colors, you’ll be screaming going to prom, instead of going to work.

He finishes off his outfit with a cool gold and black striped bowtie, an accessory that is popular around here on campus and some nice distressed leather loafers. Loafers are a great alternative to the standard oxford shoe. Easy to slip on and still look professional!
Be sure to always look your best when you’re heading to do some work. You know what they say; you have to look the part to get the job done.

Hint: When selecting business wear, don’t be afraid to add your own flair to it, like our Fashionisto did here with his bowtie. Try a bold tie color or print, but don’t let it be too distracting!


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