LET’S HEAR IT FOR THE BOYS: A ’90s Scholar At Work

Let's Hear it for the Boys

Nothing makes me love men’s fashion more than strong vintage looking pieces and the way a simple shirt, pants, and sneakers can create a great outfit. I am all down for the casual look, but as with a lot of things in fashion, seeing the same thing over and over gets dull quickly. Here we have a young Fashionisto who is exhibiting not just a casual look, but one that takes us into a blast from the past.

When I think of teal, I definitely don’t think of an oxford, but I can see from this gentleman’s style that I need to be more opened minded. It is vibrant and also complements the other colors in this young man’s outfit. I appreciate the simple way this Fashionisto rolled his sleeves up, a favorite thing I also like to when I wear my oxford shirts. To me it signifies that you are a gentleman on a mission, ready to do some work, but still at the same time look great doing it. The shirt itself gives me a '90s feel to it, a time where colors were really bright and stood out. Color blocking was a big deal back then and now I see it’s becoming a bigger one again, especially for men.

His walnut colored khakis go really well because it doesn’t take away from the vibrancy of his teal shirt. I also think that these are a great fit as well; they aren’t too tight or too loose. I admire that more young men are taking the time out to find out pants that fit their bodies well. One thing I am glad that didn’t carry on too long from the '90s is the baggy grunge look. This Fashionisto knows a thing or two about style, and his casual-day-on-campus look can also be fun and business casual, too, minus his retro sneakers.

But I think the sneakers really do this outfit justice as they set off the vintage. If you want to look great on a casual day, take a look at this young man’s style. Oxfords come in all shades and can be paired with a great pair of fitted khakis or jeans as well. Remember color blocking is fun, but it can also get wild and messy. But perhaps that’s your thing, and I am not one to limit a Fashionisto’s style choice. Clearly this young man is showing some great style expression with a strong vintage feel as well.

It’s not always about suits and slacks, sometimes you want to roll up your sleeves, look great and get to work. 


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