LET’S HEAR IT FOR THE BOYS: ’80s Whirlwind


If there is one constant in the fashion world, it's that everything comes back around eventually and the 80’s era has been no exception. In particular, 2010 saw a major 80’s comeback with the infamous double denim ensemble appearing in D&G’s Men's spring/summer 2010 collection, together with biker jackets and distressed denim seen in Balmain’s Homme s/s 2010 Menswear collection.

Although being slighty garish and overdone has earned the '80s fashion era the reputation of one too many faux-pas, when made contemporary by this Fashionisto, men can easily incorporate '80s-inspired threads into their everyday look. Today’s fashion student has indeed managed to mix and match his vintage threads with modern designs. The result? A unique and personalised look. His denim jacket screams '80s biker chic, yet paired with a modern fitted skinny jean and basic navy jumper, the look is kept fresh.  Note how all attention is drawn to the jacket by keeping the bottom half of his outfit low-key in blacks. By adding just the one '80s inspired statement piece, this Fashionisto is successful in sporting fashions from the past while still dressing for today.

Hint: Finding '80s garments can prove to be difficult, however online stores are a great place to begin searching. Some budget-friendly sites include Viva Vintage Clothing, American Apparel and Rusty Zipper, all which stock a wide array of '80s-inspired pieces and many with that contemporary touch.


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