Let's Hear it for the Boys

At the Rhode Island School of Design, relaxation is rare. Finding a moment or two between copious amounts of studio work is a precious gift. Some students cope with the lack of free time by pushing all of their efforts into studio to have a work free day once a week. Others however, take a more holistic approach to finding moments of relaxation through the way they dress.

This Fashionisto I found in Market Square proves that you don’t have to sacrifice comfort for style. His outfit for the most part is simple. His sweater is a cozily knit V-neck that drapes nicely and adds sophistication to his look. Sweaters like this are simple additions to a wardrobe that are effortlessly neat and stylish. You can find all kinds of different varieties to suit your own personal taste, but my personal favorites are these from H&M and Banana Republic.

I can tell that this Fashionisto was going to or from studio by his NIKE sneakers that are colorful and functional. Functional, or more sportswear-oriented, fashion is typically very bright, but these sneakers are a beautiful teal color that doesn’t overwhelm his whole outfit.

Striped shorts make another appearance in this Fashionisto’s outfit. With a relaxed fit, the shorts seem only slightly baggy but still chic. The way the white and dark blue stripe is reflected from the dark blue sweater is a very aesthetically pleasing relationship between color and pattern.

For a little bit of contrast, this Fashionisto tops off his outfit, literally, with a very bright paisley hat. Paisley seems to be making a slow and steady comeback as a bright and retro accent to one’s outfit. Blues from this Fashionisto’s sweater and his shorts pop up in the paisley with a pleasantly complementary pink-hued red. The hat is a fantastic finish to his comfort-chic outfit. Find similar hats to this one here or here!

Hint: Mixing prints like stripe and paisley is completely possible! What was once thought of as a fashion faux-pas is now smart and stylish. The key is mixing patterns that differ in size, color and width. Mixing a swirling paisley with a very finely striped short makes for a great outfit with lots of dimension.


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