Let's Hear it for the Boys

I tend to dress in dark colors. Maybe it’s the convenience of not dealing with easily stained white shirts, or a reflection of my subconscious, but darker colors truly dominate many garments in my closet. Since I am aware of this tendency, I try to offset a dark moody outfit with something bright like a colorful necklace or a bold pouty red lip. This basic principle of a simple color pop with otherwise dark combinations is applicable to men’s outfits and accessories as well.

This Fashionisto’s outfit exhibits primarily dark hues through its navy — borderline black — pants and a dark gray plaid shirt. While that combination alone may produce a very low-key and unassuming outfit, his choice of a bright orange scarf immediately makes the outfit less monotonous and adds dimension to what he is wearing. His outfit comes alive with the color contrast, and becomes far more visually appealing. The intricacies of his scarf also attract my attention as the contrast of the paisley pattern against the plaid also makes this combination more dynamic.

Paired with a practical pair of winter boots, this Fashionisto demonstrates an extremely easy way to elevate an average outfit through by incorporating a bright scarf. He looks effortlessly casual, yet fashion-forward by distinguishing himself from the masses of other people wearing dark subdued colors.

Hint: It’s okay to wear all black, navy blue or dark gray. If you don’t want to look so moody though, incorporate something like a bright scarf into what you’re wearing.


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