LET’S HEAR IT FOR THE BOYS: You’re in Bronc Country

Let's Hear it for the Boys

I’m not sure how it’s at your university, but here at the University of Texas Pan-American, it was unfamiliar to hear students around campus to have school spirit just a few months; but lately that’s changed to me. What I feel contributed to a rise of school spirit was the most recent competition, the NCAA’s 6th Fan Contest in which universities competed by online voting and social networking for an opportunity to attempt winning 100K dollars for scholarship money. Even though UTPA made it through a few eliminations, we didn’t make it to the last final round. But, as a result of our efforts to get there, a unity was built along with the community, the university sport students and the entire university population. Along with it all came a unity and an increase in university spirit trends such as more students wearing school spirit hoodies, shirts, jackets and caps. This week’s Fashionisto being one of them.

This week’s Fashionisto besides being one of the university’s baseball player, he’s one of the many who proudly joined the wave of the current trend to wear spirited pieces to create a unique ensemble. His ensemble included a green long sleeved spirit jersey with Broncs written on it matched with black shorts and accessories such as a matching cap worn backwards with the university’s Bronc logo.

While some might find it weird to sport a university branded type of garment instead of a designer or a nice button-up shirt, it’s nice to switch it up and promote who we are as a university and embrace it. It’s part of what being immersed in college life is about. Definitely consider how you can add school spirit and be diverse by changing up your daily ensembles.

Hint: You don’t have to go out there and spend lots of money on a expensive official merchandise item that your university might sale. You can simply just possibly look for the exact same colors the university has in daily ensembles. Wearing them for special events such the graduation preparations or spirit related events make your ensembles that much more special.


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