LET’S HEAR IT FOR THE BOYS: You Can Never Go Wrong With a Peacoat

Let's Hear it for the Boys

Knowing our school, Monday is usually the time when students dress the most casual. Even though setting the clock back gives us that extra hour of sleep that we have all been craving, one would be crazy to have the energy to wake up energetically to start another full day in this recent tormenting weather. Thus, in a season where layering is the key to staying warm, one must resort to stacking on the basics.

This Fashionisto knows how to stay with the trends during this lazy Monday morning. Although he wears a simple pullover sweatshirt over a regular scoop-neck T-shirt, he still manages to stay classy by layering on two staple pieces that should be used for any male outfit: a black peacoat and suede oxfords. Regardless of what any man puts on underneath (except gym clothes, of course), the right shoes and coat make a huge difference during the colder months. As this Fashionisto also spruces up his very casual look with gray-colored chinos, he knows how to dress for both comfort and style during a stressful week of midterms.

Hint: There are many other ways to layer basics during a lazy day when you are running too late for classes after sleeping in past your alarm or if you just don’t feel like spending that extra time putting on something too fancy (I get it, it’s hard to resist that comfortable Pitt attire.) To use trendier basics than this Fashionisto, layer on a collared shirt underneath a sweatshirt or zip-up hoodie. In addition, to add more layers during the colder months, put on an additional layer of a light jacket (moto, denim or varsity) underneath a peacoat or trench coat. Keep in mind that this season’s trends range from gray hues to patterned sweaters and jumpers to contrasting textures, so have fun experimenting with them!


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