Let's Hear it for the Boys

It’s hard to balance midterms, papers and other assignments when the changing weather drags your attention away. As the weather starts to heat up, you would rather be outside for most of the day. There are so many activities and outfits to wear: maybe getting in shape in your favorite basketball shorts or hanging out around campus in your casual shorts. As the spring season arrives it’s nice to be outside and wear lighter clothes with less layers.

As I left my apartment, I found this Fashionisto who expressed his fashion sense while dressing for the changing weather. Designer Ralph Lauren once said, “Classic, to me, is something that’s timeless, enduring. The things that never go out of style. Polo, the kinds of clothes I design are the kinds of things I believe in, the kinds of things that last forever. I love things that stay.” This statement is true as a polo can be worn for most occasions, whether you are casually hanging out or going to a dressier venue.

This Fashionisto wore a striped navy blue and white polo. The details that this polo includes are a navy blue collar and an orange brand logo on the chest. This shirt could be great for dining out with friends or family, as well as just relaxing. The brand logo allows for a small pop of color. He matched his shirt with a pair of deep blue jeans that gradually have a lighter tone at the upper thigh until the lower knee. The style of these jeans complements the polo top. The tan boat shoes work well with the outfit because it’s a neutral color that still remains bright.

Hint: Polo shirts should be your go-to item of clothing for warmer weather. Polo shirts can be worn casually or can be dressed up. Polo shirts come in a variety of brands, styles and fits. Due to the variety of brands, Polo shirts can range from very inexpensive to upwards of $100. They also come in a variety of solids, patterns and stripes to change up your look. Polo shirts now come in a variety of fits. Some are cut looser for a more casual look, while others come in an athletic fit. The athletic fit has a much tighter streamlined look. Add some polos to your wardrobe because, what can I say; YOLO.


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