LET’S HEAR IT FOR THE BOYS: Working Without Rules

Let's Hear it for the Boys

If you are a fashion fanatic like me then, you probably know some of the basic rules of fashion like never wearing white after Labor Day, never mixing plaid and stripes or always matching your handbag with your shoes. Nobody really knows who came up with these rules, and why we even followed them, but nowadays we don’t at all. We live in era of almost no rules when it comes to fashion, and I love it! Fashion could get a little boring every now and then if we never change up the rules if you ask me.

One of the first set of rules I was happy to see go was the idea that you can’t mix your blues, browns or black colored clothes together. I never saw the problem with it and that’s why I was naturally drawn to this week’s Fashionisto. I absolutely adored his navy blue cardigan and plaid shirt being paired with his khaki pants. He completed the look with his blue and brown leather varsity jacket and navy blue suede shoes; an almost perfect combination. His look defiantly stood out among a crowd of people looking very business casual. The great thing about business causal is self-explanatory as you really do have the best of both worlds with this look. You can come off as either professional or simply a charming individual. I could see this look working for meeting with a professor or even an interview. The benefits are this Fashionisto could make the impression on whomever he wanted and then go about his day without being overly dressed.

Hint: A popular trend I’ve been noticing a lot on campus (particularly males) are varsity look alike jackets. For the longest time, I thought the only way to own a varsity jacket was to be on some sort of team, but that is certainly not the case. They are a great thing to have in the back of the closet because they are another one those things that work for almost any time of the year. There are different kinds of styles, materials and colors to choose from as well. I think they are great because they keep you warm, and they go well with almost anything.



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