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The most stylish footwear this year isn’t the slickest or sleekest. It’s the kind of rugged piece that will carry you through the most brutal conditions. The workwear boot, or ‘work boot,’ saw a major increase in popularity this winter. The boot was initially designed for men with typical laboring jobs: mining, chopping wood, driving big trucks etc. Therefore, it will come as no surprise that its main selling point was its durability. However, the style has come a long way since its years of hard labor, and contemporary versions of this boot offer the perfect balance between fashion and function. Not only will they last you a lifetime, but they also they are a great casual alternative.

When styling workboots, lose all finishing touches, elegant accents and finely-tuned accessories – channel your inner hunter gatherer.

For maximum effect, take cues from this well dressed gentleman and pair your work boots with casual, rugged attire such as slim-fit jeans, workerwear jackets, flannel pieces and denim shirts. Whether you spend your afternoons toiling in the field (unlikely) or taking notes in a classroom (sounds more like it), bring your style back to the barest of basics. I’m not recommending you forage for your dinner each night or club your girlfriend on the way back to the cave, but let your ensemble bring out your rugged, manly side.

For this classic look, the featured fellow teams his work boots with a simple tee, a cozy flannel and black chinos. The multiple pieces and fabrics help his outfit develop a real sense of unique depth.  The soft flannel oozes the casual, effortless appeal this look is after, while the black chinos keep the ensemble chic and polished.

When it comes to menswear, there has been a shift in experimentalism. Lines have been blurred, shapes distorted and silhouettes manipulated as the industry makes creative progress. This can only be applauded. That being said, there’s nothing wrong with keeping your look classic, and the work boot coupled with a rugged ensemble allows us to go back to basics: the man as a man in all his weather-worn glory.

Hint: Looking for footwear with a rugged edge to pair with shorts in warmer weather? Try the classic desert boot for a stylish shoe that still holds a manly appeal.


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