Let's Hear it for the Boys

So many of the best trends come from totally unexpected places. Think the varsity jacket or the denim shirt. Both were created with function over fashion in mind, yet both became unexpected closet staples. This idea of using pieces in a way that takes them out of their element is different from ideas created strictly for fashion; the pieces’ outside familiarity is what helps them bring a certain freshness to a look.

Timberland boots are another example of an item that became an unexpected fashion trend. Originally created for work or outdoor activities, the boots have a rugged characteristic that easily translates over to fashion. I have had a newfound appreciation for Timberland boots since this year’s grunge revival so when I walked past this Fashionisto on the quad, he quickly caught my eye.

The bottom half of his outfit is reminiscent of a workman’s uniform and I think that’s part of what makes it so intriguing. By topping the look off with a two-toned cardigan and a beanie, he was able to totally contrast his shoes and give them that sought-after grunge vibe. I love the color contrast his Timberlands provide as well. As the only vibrant pop of color in his look, they prevent it from being too neutral. Part of the key to wearing pieces like this is to not completely overpower their “non-fashion” characteristics. By keeping the original intent of Timberland visible in his ensemble, this Fashionisto was able to do them justice in style.

Hint: To play up the color of your Timberlands even more, try a totally black ensemble. This will make for an unexpectedly edgy look.


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