LET’S HEAR IT FOR THE BOYS: With a Prep in Your Step

Let's Hear it for the Boys

Everybody loves a prep. I mean, really? What is there not to love about the polo shirts, the dressy shoes and some Bermuda shorts? It is the epitome of relaxed and classy. At a glance, the preppy style is usually associated with elite private schools or affluent northern universities. However, this signature style has been a fashion staple in the South for decades. In Texas weather, it would be a bit difficult to spot a seersucker suit or full prep ensemble because the wearer would simply burn up in the heat. But this did not deter the preppy spirit from infiltrating campus and inspiring our Texas boys. With a prep in his step, this Fashionisto combined the cool, preppy styles of the South with some unique twists of his own to tailor his look for the warm weather.

With his crisp polo shirt neatly tucked into some pressed navy blue Bermuda shorts, this Fashionisto embodied the Texas college version of the preppy man. His look was clean and refined, and definitely stood out from the crowd on a warm spring day. Although this Fashionisto was wearing sporty shoes instead of dress shoes, this look’s preppy style did not suffer from it. The dark blue walking shoes coordinated uniformly with his navy blue Bermudas and his white shirt, especially because the polo shirt had subtle navy blue accents on it as well. This Fashionisto added summer sophistication to this outfit by wearing a black leather belt to coordinate with the style of his shorts, and by sporting some plain black sunglasses. From head to toe this Fashionisto showcased prep in a very Texas way, and showed us that the Southern preppy style is very much alive.

Hint: If you would like to go for a dressier prep look, try swapping out the Bermuda shorts for some crisp linen slacks.


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