Let's Hear it for the Boys

Let’s face it — in this college lifestyle, social media is rapidly becoming a necessity. Twitter tells us when a celebrity has gone off the deep end through those wonderful hashtags. Instagram gives us a general sense of our friend’s artistic abilities. Our Facebook accounts update us on viral videos, friend’s lives, events on campus and other youth culture interests. If you’re not on it, some might say you don’t exist. How did we come to measure whether or not something actually happened by proof of it on the Internet? When looking at it from a 2013 perspective, we can really narrow it down to the one man who changed the game entirely: Mark Zuckerberg.

What people forget most about the creator of Facebook is that he couldn’t do it alone. Without the help of tech genius Eduardo Saverin, Facebook might still be that tired platform we saw in the 2008 blockbuster The Social Network. Contrary to popular belief, computer “geeks” don’t dress like they did in 1950s Hollywood anymore. They’ve got a style all their own, and it can outshine even the frattiest of them all. But when I ran into this Fashionisto, an Information Technology and Management major and fraternity brother here at Syracuse, I knew I’d found the best of both worlds.

Sporting a collegiate style can convey a sense of nostalgia and personality depending on how you style it. Our Fashionisto started with a basic Vineyard Vines khaki and H&M white V-neck combo to build a foundation for his layering pieces. A navy cardigan in soft cotton by H&M and a peacoat-style, wool-blend coat by Marc New York make for a neutral color palette perfect for a brisk fall day. With a Fossil timepiece for just a touch of hardware, our Fashionisto proves that the computer whizzes are on the same playing field as the jocks in Onondaga County.

Hint: The neutral route can be just as exciting as that of full color. What keeps muted colors interesting is how you play with value and saturation. Even though our Fashionisto created a monochromatic look on top and bottom respectively, he did so by pairing similar colors in various darks and lights. The camel-colored polo sneakers still complement the khakis because of the contrast in values and the subtle pop of navy. Paying a little extra attention to those details can take a monochromatic outfit from bland to mind-bending!


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