Let's Hear it for the Boys

You know it is winter in Madison when everyone is bundled up and there is a solid layer of snow on the ground at all times. It is that time of year when students only venture outside to get to class or to replenish food stores and when they do, fashion is usually not the first thing on their mind. For the limited number of times that you do venture outside, why not maximize your interaction with your peers by layering up with different patterns and materials?

I spotted this Fashionisto on his way from class taking advantage of the cold weather to experiment with layers, patterns and materials. This Fashionisto keeps it simple on the bottom with a sturdy pair of boots and a fitted pair of jeans. On top, things start to get interesting. Starting with a waffle knit sweater base layer, this Fashionisto zips up into a gray and red striped sweatshirt followed by a heavier beige sweater. To lock the heat in, he rocks a simple leather jacket, which complements the neutral beige and gray of his preceding layers. For added warmth, this Fashionisto wears a plaid scarf with the same red accent color as on his sweatshirt and tassels of his bomber hat.

To get this look, start with the mentality that mismatched patterns and materials is a must to effectively rock the outfit. Keep the pants simple with a dark wash jean and basic footwear. To stay warm, especially during a Midwest winter, start with a really warm base layer such as a waffle knit sweater. Next, pick up a patterned two-toned sweatshirt that has a neutral color and an accent color. Your next layer should be in the same color family as your leather jacket and hit at about the same length. To finish the look, pick a fun and furry bomber hat and a differently patterned scarf with the same accent color as your sweatshirt. Pull on your leather jacket and you have successfully captured this Fashionisto’s winter look.

Just because it is cold out and there is snow on the ground, there is still no excuse to just pile on random layers and zip it up in a ski jacket. By effectively layering, you maximize your time outside and essentially your own climate control for those lecture halls!

Hint: In order to effectively layer, be sure to layer thinnest to thickest and most fitted to least fitted so that your look will not appear bulky. For instance and more fitted waffle knit sweater is a good first layer then followed by a thinner sweatshirt, a thicker sweater shirt and then a leather jacket.


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