Let's Hear it for the Boys

Another J-term has finally arrived here at Middlebury!  It’s a month long period during which we students only take one class and can really delve deeper into a subject of interest. In general, it’s a whole winter wonderland fiesta with lots of skiing and other cold weather activities. However, recently, the weather has been a crazy emotional rollercoaster. It has been a frustrating cycle of rain, snow, sunshine and slush. This seemingly endless mélange of weather has not only taken a toll on our spirits, but also our outfits as well.

In order to combat these infuriating weather and temperature changes, a lot of students have taken to layering. Take this Fashionisto, for example. He combines a mixture of textures and prints together to create a warm, yet exciting look. Try pairing a fun printed sweater under a neutral, weatherproof coat. Small pops of color, like bright socks, can really energize an outfit. Layering can seem daunting, especially when it’s for inclement weather. There is a pressure to combine both the practical with the beautiful. I’m here to say, why can’t there be both?

My tip to all Fashionistas/os is to choose neutral or plain garments as the base pieces. Too much color or print can easily overwhelm and turn an outfit from a success to a disaster. Adding color and fun prints through accessories can be a great way to inject easily digestible chunks of personality. Too often, I see people get complacent with their outfit choices, relying on the same bland winter staples to get them through the colder months. Layering with fun accessories or pops of color is a great way to provide joy and energy during the winter.

Hint: Use colorful accessories to jazz up an otherwise bland winter outfit. Basing an outfit off of a more neutral base that is suitable for the weather is a great, nonthreatening starting point. Accessories in a fun print or color can really liven up both an outfit and your spirits. Try it out, you’ll be surprised how long a little bit of color can go!


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