Let's Hear it for the Boys

It’s easy to throw on sweatpants and a hoodie when you have a ten minute walk to class in the Boston weather, but I found this Fashionisto braving the cold on his way back from class in a stylish alternative — a flannel! They are a little rustic, soft in the sleeves and packed with easy-to-throw-on comfort. Plaid flannel shirts aren’t just for lumberjacks or folks living out in the middle of nowhere; they are one of the most stylish trends this season for men! His flannel shirt is perfect for the chilling weather and adds a print to the outfit. The bold flannel print makes it easy to carry an outfit without having to wear too many pieces to make it interesting.

Most importantly, this outfit is comfortable and warm. When the weather is already uncomfortable enough, the last thing you need is an uncomfortable outfit. Seems simple, but comfort and warmth are the best things that flannel shirts have going for them. A flannel shirt could be your fall fashion lifesaver. A rugged alternative to a classic cardigan, throw it on over your everyday outfit to stay cozy and fashionable.

Looser fitting chinos in a beige hue are a good option instead of jeans. In this case, the contrasting colors between his peacoat and chinos make the flannel’s print stand out. If you’re worried about looking too casual, take note from this Fashionisto and pair it with dressier options. The peacoat and his high-top Polo dress shoes polish up the outfit and keep it modern. Shoe options such as Clarks Desert Boots can be another great alternative for a similar look.

Hint: Flannel is actually not a pattern or style of shirt, but rather a type of fabric. When we think of flannel, we are thinking of the pattern that is prevalent on most flannel shirts — plaid. The name of the pattern is actually tartan plaid. Flannel as a fabric is pretty much inseparable from this pattern, so when people say the word flannel, they are usually referring to the style as a whole. Just a fun fact!


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