Let's Hear it for the Boys

Whoever said we shouldn’t be wearing white after Labor Day was so wrong. Rules are meant to be broken! White is such a fresh color to bust out on warm sunny days, and this Fashionisto did his white right.

Starting with his blue and white striped button-up, this Fashionisto went comfortable, without sacrificing his style. The cool blue color amped up his outfit, and added a pop of color to the white of his shorts. Rolling up the sleeves of any crisp work shirt can bring it down a notch and made it casual enough for classes. The stripe was a fun pattern to play with when the rest of your outfit consists of simple colors and textures.

The shorts were the main focal point of the get-up, being a stark white color. Having a flat front short is one of the most flattering fits you can buy these days. They created a large blank canvas, and weren’t distracting with pleats. The surprising white color was a step up from a regular denim or perhaps a khaki color. Working with color is eye catching, but working with lack of color was an even more surprising choice. Though it can seem like a daunting task to wear white, going out of your comfort zone can reap great rewards, and compliments!

The gray slip-on shoes finished off the outfit with effortless style. The slip-ons are a no brainer, and they come in so many colors that the options are endless. They are easy to pair with any outfit, and bring a casual vibe to the ensemble. The cool gray color worked with the bright white shorts and the cool toned blue as well.

Working with white can seem bland or boring, but white is a year round color to rock. So bring those whites out!

Hint: Make sure that you wash your whites appropriately! No one likes a yellow-toned white. It can really make or break an outfit!


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