LET’S HEAR IT FOR THE BOYS: When Layering Becomes Necessity

Let's Hear it for the Boys

The walk to your first class on a bitterly cold morning is never something to look forward to. Eyes watering due to the cold bite of wind on your face, fingers freezing at every attempted text and, of course, your nose is running uncontrollably. You finally make it to your building and thaw out slightly while finding a seat—but the winter fun wasn’t checked at the door. As soon as the professor begins to lecture, you are instantly dubbed the official class “sniffler,” and can’t keep that nose dry to save your life (or dignity). Winter mornings can be harsh, but dressing to impress can certainly take the attention off of the perils behind it all.

This Fashionisto’s plan to conquer his morning walk involved a lot of layering. There’s no better way to endure the cold than to add countless layers between the two of you. For instance, here we have what I like to call top-heavy layering. The basic formula consists of: your choice of T-shirt, plaid button-down, light zipper hoodie and a coordinating jacket on top. This method of dressing ensures a warm trip to class, and then comfort upon arrival!

Now, layering can get very out of hand. In some cases, if you don’t stick with the same color scheme, you can start to look insane. This Fashionisto chose a darker, blue-gray pallet; keeping him sharp rather than disheveled. Dark jeans and black leather sneakers perfectly coordinate with everything he has on top, rounding out this look completely. Insider tip: this Fashionisto confided in me that he not only layered his shirts, but also his socks! Nobody wants a set of toe-cicles.

Though you might have been labeled the “sniffler” once or twice, bundling like this Fashionisto will also have you nominated for best dressed the next time winter class superlatives are assigned.

Hint: This Fashionisto’s outfit can easily be reconstructed with the wardrobe you currently have. Don’t be afraid to mix and match pieces in your closet until you find that perfect combination for style and warmth. This Fashionisto chose to finish off his look with a beanie, but if this hat isn’t for you—try a snapback instead!


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