LET’S HEAR IT FOR THE BOYS: Western Wear Don’t Care

Let's Hear it for the Boys

When you think of the wild, wild west, usually the phrase “fashion-forward” isn’t the first one that comes to the brain. Old Western classics portray dusty living, tumbleweeds and old saloons, but not once do they really pause to assess the styles of the time. Admittedly, it would be difficult to find an opportunity between constant bank or train robberies, and, of course, the ever present cowboy-Indian drama—all dust bowls and gold rushes aside, the frontier men had it going on. Though they usually dressed to endure the elements, their rugged styles have not gone unnoticed, and have become quite the fashion statement even the original cowboys couldn’t ignore.

Just like any other culture, the region you’re in has a large impact on the clothing you wear. Though the typical cowboy is usually portrayed with a ten-gallon hat, steel-toed boots and spurs, this Fashionisto’s outfit gives off much more of a Spanish vibe. With a lot of settling ranging from modern-day Texas to the California area, the “vaquero” had a major influence. The vaquero were Spanish cattle herdsmen, and were among the first to inhabit California, as well as, show the American cowboy how to really dress for the job.

Rich patterns, colors and textures shaped the vaquero style, and were layered in ways that prepared pioneer men for the tasks at hand. Though life on campus isn’t half as grueling as “home on the range,” this Fashionisto knows the importance of layering—especially fashionably. Following some classic cowboy techniques, his first layer begins with an open-buttoned T-shirt, and is followed by a simple black vest. He then chose to follow the vest with a cardigan, and complete the look with an oversized tribal influenced sweater. Replacing boots with the spurs with a pair of Steve Maddens, and rugged denim with a pair of skinny jeans—this outfit immediately becomes vaquero-chic.

Though this Fashionisto doesn’t look exactly like he just walked out of a gun-slinging duel, he does look like he might have picked up some outfit essentials in the local general store. While forging uncharted trails was important in our history, this Fashionisto shows that it’s crucial to continue this pattern but in the world of fashion!

Hint: Layering like this Fashionisto, is a perfect way to break the norm of the typical winter ensemble. Since tribal patterns and neutral tones are currently popular, this look is very east to mimic. However, if the bright sweater is too bold for your taste, but you’re still interested in this oversized look—try something a bit more subtle. Add basic pieces underneath that you feel would be comfortable throughout the day, and you’ll be fit to blaze your own fashion trail.


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