LET’S HEAR IT FOR THE BOYS: Wear Your Heart On Your Sleeve

Let's Hear it for the Boys

Fashion is one of the most fun ways one can express their own personality. There are so many different color combinations, a range of different materials and patterns, as well as so many looks to choose from. It’s a game that never ends!

As a woman, I like to believe that one of the greatest perks of being a guy is probably not worrying too much about matching. Girls tend to take more time analyzing colors and patterns to make sure one goes with the other, and it’s never an easy or quick decision! I say this as an experienced sister of two boys who always rush me when we get ready — how do they always make it out the door in five minutes?

When I ran into this Fashionisto in the streets of Rio, I was in awe with how bright his orange T-shirt was, and instantly, his tattoos jumped out at me, showing me a little of his personality before I even spoke to him. I instantly judged him as an outgoing guy, who didn’t lack any kind of courage to wear even the brightest shades of the rainbow. The funny part is that once I did approach him, he was shy and asked if I was taking his photograph because his outfit was “all-wrong!” I had to reassure him a few times that I really liked his outfit and that there was nothing “wrong” about it.

This Fashionisto scored a winning look by mixing a pattern with a bright color — an amazing combination fit for the Carioca style and Carioca summer. His T-shirt, a vibrant orange with a cool tape graphic design, caught my attention because it stood out in the crowd and allowed the colors of his tattoos to pop. My favorite places for unique T-shirts like this one are Forever 21, Instituto Aqualung and Osklen.

Next, the Fashionisto added white and black plaid shorts, keeping his look fun but still fresh. Shorts like these are easy finds year-round at Richards and Hering. His Havaianas flip-flops, a must-have for every Carioca, fit into the color-scheme of his outfit and give him all-day comfort during our hot summer days. He finished his look with fun sunglasses, a great accessory for the sunny days.

Hint: Sometimes we don’t feel very comfortable showing our personality all at once in an outfit. This Fashionisto stood out in color and pattern, even though he wasn’t sure about his choice. If you think a bright top with a design and patterned shorts are too much for you, take it step-by-step. Start off with a basic T-shirt in a different color than your usual. Once you get used to that, you can slowly move into T-shirts with designs or add a patterned bottom. Never feel like you’re a slave to trends: only wear it if you feel comfortable and confident in it!


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