Let's Hear it for the Boys

There is something very grown up about wearing a watch as it implies a certain necessity to know what time it is. By just glancing at your watch, it sends a message to others that you have places to go, meetings to rush off to or deadlines to catch.

I remember my first watch: a blue patent leather strap wristwatch with dolphins and rainbows on the face. I had just learned how to read the hands on a clock so I was feeling especially sophisticated. It’s funny how as children we are always yearning to be more like adults, and the moment I received my watch was definitely one of them. I would consistently announce the time during family meals as if I had to leave in the middle of dinner for something more important to tend to.

But as well as conveying a degree of maturity, a watch can also completely change the mood of an outfit. While a fancy silver or gold-plated Rolex might push an outfit in a more dressy direction, a watch with a leather band can better match a casual yet trendy outfit like this Fashionisto’s. Additionally, it adds something that just makes the combination seem more complete especially when it’s paired with a leather belt in the same hue. Without the belt and watch this outfit is nice, but nothing special. Combined with these simple accessories though, this Fashionisto transcends average and really catches your eye.

Hint: Adding a leather belt and watch to your outfit is an easy way to take it from mediocre to marvelous.


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