Let's Hear it for the Boys

On a college campus, where one is incessantly running to class, it’s crucial to have a great pair of headphones to don while listening to your favorite tunes. Not only will they keep you warm while enabling you to enjoy your favorite hits, they can also tie your outfit together! This Fashionisto did exactly that as he strolled to class. With brands like Beats by Dre and Bose, there are so many options so you can listen in style.

This pair by Beats by Dre is sleek, sophisticated and perfect for chilly days! With such a myriad of colors and shapes it’s easy to see how headphones can stand out and serve as a statement for any outfit. The rest of this Fashionisto’s outfit is casual and classic. He pairs a gray sweater with timeless cords and a warm fur-lined puffer jacket. It’s really the small touches, such as sunglasses and a bag that elevate his look and make this ensemble stylish. Whenever the sun is out every Fashionisto is in need of a great pair of sunglasses. Whether in the market for a trendy or classic frame it’s a great way to shield yourself from the sun in style. This Fashionisto opted for timeless Ray-Ban frames.

Another key element to busy college days is the messenger bag. It’s a great way to carry everything you need without sporting the traditional backpack. This style of bag is currently having a come back; companies such as Cambridge Satchel are revamping the classic leather cut with bold and bright colors like this yellow version. The Fashionisto perfectly exemplifies effortless class style. He’s ready to go to the library or our to dinner, looking stylish for any occasion!


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