Let's Hear it for the Boys

It’s finally the last week of the semester everyone! Many of you are probably scrambling to finish up finals, wrap up projects and pack up your rooms. In the chaos and frenzy, I’m willing to bet that most of you Fashionistos aren’t paying too much attention to what you’re wearing. So this week I offer advice on how to sport a a super easy and simple outfit that requires minimal effort and will take you only seconds to copy.

I spotted this Fashionisto rushing to class, and I was struck at how simple yet stylish he looked. His outfit is easy to mimic and many of you probably already have the basic pieces in this Fashionisto’s outfit: a plain white shirt and dark wash jeans. I guarantee you that a simple and classic ensemble like this will never go out style. Other Fashionistos would grab a hoodie and call it a day; however, this Fashionisto upgraded his look with a slick varsity jacket.

A jacket like this is a must have for any Fashionisto. This jacket is the perfect day to night jacket and while some could argue that a nicely fitted blazer works best as a day to night jacket, I disagree. As the weather gets warmer and sunnier, it might be too hot and stuffy to sport a blazer. Instead grab a chic, fitted, lightweight jacket like he did for a look that will transition seamlessly from day to night. I also have made it super easy for you this week and found two amazing styles here and here.

This Fashionisto’s jacket will look great when going to classes in the day and will also look stylish when going out on the town with the boys. I particularly love how the colors of this jacket and how the sleeves are a different color from the body. By also wearing only a simple T-shirt and jeans this Fashionisto ensures that the focus of his outfit is on his jacket, as it should be.

To complete his outfit, this Fashionisto donned a pair of white Nikes. If you’re thinking of copying this move, take a page from this Fashionisto’s notebook and make sure your shoes are absolutely clean and white. Nothing ruins an outfit more than a pair of dirty, worn sneakers.

This Fashionisto’s entire outfit looks clean cut, crisp and stylish. While it can be easy to get caught up in all the chaos of the end of the semester, your outfit shouldn’t have to suffer. In these last few days of the semester, don’t be afraid to stick to the basics and go out with a (stylish) bang!

Hint: If you’re shopping for a varsity jacket, grab one with muted colors to ensure that it will work with the rest of your wardrobe.


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