LET’S HEAR IT FOR THE BOYS: Varsity Blues, Greens And Golds

Let's Hear it for the Boys

With the end of midterms and the beginning of the cooler fall temperatures, students no longer feel the need to dress up for class. Consumed with their studies, students become unaware of their personal appearance more than ever. This, combined with the cold weather, now makes sweatpants part of a daily routine. However, this does not have to be the case for you. This week’s Fashionisto proves that comfort and style can be one in the same.

Jackets are essential to everyone’s fall wardrobes. Layering clothes underneath jackets is a good way of putting together an outfit that looks good, but also keeps you warm. Traveling between classes across campus becomes a task when the cold winter winds sneak into the autumn weather. The best way to keep warm and look good is to wear a thick, double-breasted cardigan underneath your jacket. This Fashionisto is wearing a gray cardigan, which happens to be his favorite item of clothing (for good reason)! The cardigan adds a layer of warmth and gives contrast to the outfit. The blue in his jacket and the orange in his flannel stand out individually, but still give the entire outfit’s color palette succinctness.

One of my favorite pieces this Fashionisto wears is his backpack. Backpacks are an essential to college life. The olive green backpack worn by the Fashionisto  is perfect for this season because the hues compliment fall colors such as burgundy and brown. The golden brown accents on the zippers and handle bring synchronization to the entire outfit. Both the backpack and the jacket stand out individually, but when paired together make for a cool outfit for the season. These fall colors are very popular in men’s fashion right now and are personally one of the reasons why I love fall fashion so much.

Hint: Desert boots are one the best shoes to wear this fall. This Fashionisto’s golden brown pair can be worn with blue jeans and nearly any T-shirt to make for a casual, comfortable outfit.


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