Let's Hear it for the Boys

A somewhat recent trend in menswear, the varsity jacket has slowly crept back up onto the style radar after years of lamentable High School Musical association. Fortunately, this letterman jacket no longer requires you to be Troy Bolton flickering jazz hands and belting out “We’re All in This Together” on the basketball court, but it has instead been revamped into one of the most noted men’s wardrobe essentials. The letterman jacket has guarded its ultra cool status in the fashion world and after multiple seasons shows no signs of wavering, which is great because there are now plenty to choose from. The varsity jacket is a cost effective option; it doesn’t matter if you’re wearing Hermès or a thrift store find. You’re guaranteed to gain an effortlessly fun and youthful piece.

The varsity jacket has recently been looked at from a more fashion perspective as opposed to an American school/athletic one. This classic jacket has been popping up in the collections of designers such as Marc Jacobs and Saint Laurent so it is clear that this traditional piece of American college heritage is now a huge wardrobe staple. As opposed to a school letter, we are now seeing designer logos, prints and other icons and designs displayed on the front and back of these jackets. The featured fellow’s sporty outerwear is a bold piece­ – perfect for making a statement. Suede sleeves coupled with a cotton bodice give this outerwear the perfect mix of texture and visual interest. The jacket also showcases an eye-catching emblem that is sure to catch the attention of all who pass by and revitalize any ensemble.

This stylish gentleman counteracts his outerwear’s bulky build and sporty youthfulness with pair of skinny trousers and brogue boots. This outfit reveals the sleeker, more refined side of the varsity jacket while still reaming functional, casual and perfect for everyday wear.

No matter how you choose to style your varsity jacket, this piece is guaranteed to be your most loved versatile outerwear used to freshen up any look.

Hint: When searching for your perfect varsity jacket choosing muted colors in a classic style will maximize your jacket’s versatility for pairing with your existing wardrobe.


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