Let's Hear it for the Boys

This week’s Fashionisto was found working in a local board shop, wearing a casual and easy outfit for early summer days. His neutral color scheme is easily kept and perfect for working in a store which sells apparel.

Although he is comfortably laid back, this Fashionisto manages to take a raw look, yet in his own way, make it look completely polished.  Anywhere from his worn shoes, to his khaki jeans tied up with a shoe lace, he manages to somehow look clean and finished.

This outfit is ideal for a casual workspace or a weekend in the skate park. Because of the neutral colors, he is able to blend in with a crowd, yet at a second glance one may notice the thought put into the outfit. It’s clear that this Fashionisto puts an effort into his style and is specific on the type of apparel he will wear.

His benign smile and open body language allows the Fashionisto to appear approachable and welcoming. The way that this Fashionisto dresses seems to go hand-in-hand with his personality as he is perceived as very friendly.

If skater style isn’t you’re thing, try switching a few things out! Instead of a snap-back hat, go for a funky fedora, change the plain T-shirt to a cool button-up, and change the shoes to a pair of leather sandals. With these simple changes, you’ll go from skater style to a more vintage look.

The Fashionisto for this week without a doubt has a warped style that is unique and perfectly unfinished, allowing him to look interesting and approachable. What more could a guy want!

Hint: People will always approach others that they can relate to. As first impressions are nearly always judged by looks, try not to dress standoffish unless that is the reaction you trying to achieve.




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