Let's Hear it for the Boys

Flowers, chocolate covered strawberries, a cute love letter, a wrapped gift and most importantly, a well planned ensemble for the romantic dinner. These among most things will be on people’s to-do list for this week for those whom will actually celebrate the Roman festival based holiday. This week’s Fashionisto without a doubt is more than prepared for Valentines or any event.

His ensemble included a short sleeve blue button-up with a detail on the chest pocket of a floral pattern.  In addition to the top, his bottoms were some purple chinos that complemented and contrasted the colors worn above. When I asked him about the top, he told me he had actually purchased it at PacSun. The button-up among everything he wore was what really caught my eye. As soon as I saw it, I thought of so many other possible great ways that the top could be matched for festivals this spring break. The top would look great with shorts in any color, cut off jeans and skinny jeans or colored chinos like the ones worn.

Something I learned from this week’s Fashionisto is that it’s all about the small details. Simplicity is great, sometimes less is more. Sometimes fashion is labeled as crazy, extravagant and highly glam. I agree that it is and it’s nice, not going to lie, but there’s fashion and style in many ways.

Whether you’re doing something for Valentines with friends, your significant other, alone or even possibly not doing anything at all, make it a good day. Best wishes.

Hint: PacSun among most retail stores, I feel, has a great variety of clothing for this season mostly since it’s focus is the Californian lifestyle. Definitely check out pieces they launched for this season. Like these Modern Amusement ethnic shorts or these rad skinny jean jogger pants. I remember last semester I mentioned this: If you’re the type of guy that doesn’t really wear shorts, give it a chance. I used to have an issue with shorts, I gave it a chance and I’m outgrew the issue I had with it.


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