LET’S HEAR IT FOR THE BOYS: Urban Persuasion

Let's Hear it for the Boys

Fashionistos sure know how to accessorize just as good, if not better, than us women. These accessories range from beanies and scarves to jewelry and bags. Yes, I said bags. Some styles that I’ve seen around campus are backpacks, handbags and messenger bags. Remember, Fashionistos need something to carry their personal belongings in, too.

We constantly travel from class to class, lugging around heavy textbooks. Not only can this be a hassle for us, but we can easily misplace our work and personal belongings when we carry them in our hands. This Fashionisto made sure to step out of his college dorm room and head to class with this stylish backpack.

Although we all have days that our schedules are completely packed with school and work, don’t worry about having to carry your backpack for too long. The silver lining is that there is still a party or an event that we can attend at night. Thus, after a hard day at school, it’s nice to slip off our backpacks and get ready for a night out. However, a problem that we usually face is that we do not have time to head back to our dorms and change our clothes.

This Fashionisto’ s outfit showcased the perfect example of what it meant to turn a casual look for day look into a classy nighttime look. His plaid button-up shirt, layered underneath his gray cardigan, was a great choice for a night out to dinner or for a movie. It gave off a casual look, without being too dressy.

The style of his shoes was also appropriate for a night out. The shoes did a nice job of spicing up his ensemble. The most footwear action I get comes from a pair of boots, sneakers and loafers. The reality, though: most college students won’t wear real dress shoes, unless they are going to an interview or a meeting.

 Hint: Check out Urban Outfitters for similar backpack styles. Urban Outfitters has many different patterns, styles and designs to choose from and it has affordable prices. It is important to focus on your shirt and footwear choices when you change your daytime look into a nighttime look. A pair of dark-wash jeans or indigo pants will suffice. Go to ALDO for a wide selection of footwear; ALDO is a great store for men to find nice dress shoes. ALDO sells sneakers and boots, as well, if you want to change your look’s aesthetic.


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