LET’S HEAR IT FOR THE BOYS: Tying It All Together

Let's Hear it for the Boys

The first day of school is a day filled with first impressions. Dazzling other students and meeting new teachers can be much easier when you are wearing stylish clothing like this Fashionisto.

This week’s ensemble features a brown suede jacket and blue pants. A suede outer layer is the finishing touch to any classy outfit and brings out a person’s sophistication. This male also knows how to work slate blue pants. This color blue works great with this jacket because they both have cooler tones. To tie the two together (no pun intended) he is wearing the perfect tie. The white button-down under the jacket is a clean slate for the tie to lay on and brings out its colors. I love the way the blues and browns overlap one another and create the illusion of a color combination.

Another great part of this Fashionisto’s outfit are the accessories. Besides the chic tie, he is wearing a braided brown belt, trendy brown shoes, and a watch. The brown belt matches with the suede jacket. I love the business quality of the watch, I think it adds a seriousness to the outfit while still casual enough for school. Shoes are a major part in any ensemble and these light brown shoes are great. They are versatile and perfect for many wardrobes.

Like this stylish guy, I am preparing for the first day of classes to begin. I am interested to see how trends have accumulated or changed over break. To read about what’s new in the college fashion world check back next week for a new look.

Hint: For a quick tip on how to add some sophistication to an outfit, wear a blazer. A blazer (or jacket like this Fashionisto) is a great piece of clothing that will draw attention to the upper body and make you look business casual.


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