Let's Hear it for the Boys

In the country, rain is a good thing. Rain makes corn, corn makes…cornflakes, or however that song goes. Out in the country, rain is what makes the flowers bloom and grass grow.

But rain here in Birmingham? It’s not quite as desirable. Our tall buildings do not exactly need help from Mother Nature to serve their societal purpose. Crossing six lanes of traffic is less than ideal when the weather is under forty degrees and storms are brewing.

This Fashionisto, however, managed to look pristine despite the monsoon-like weather. The polka-dots on his sweater serve to camoflage the rain droplets that lay all over his cardigan. Wearing dark colors on a rainy day is helpful while avoiding the fashion faux-pas of having your clothes become see-through when wet. Layering up, or using a heavier fabric, is essential so that, if your clothes do get wet, they won’t cling to your body as lighter fabrics would.

It is not everyday that you see a guy rocking a patterned cardigan. The key to pulling off this look is to stay in the same color family. Mixing mix two different shades of the same color can be a little complicated, but once mastered, it becomes effortless. Pairing a blue-gray with a navy creates a cohesive style while keeping this Fashionisto from looking too matchy.

If you attend church, class, work or any occasion that requires you to look like you are dressing up, you should own a pair of loafers. They are the perfect dress shoe because not only are they classy, but also because you can wear them with practically anything. Also, because you can just slip these on, no socks are required.

Hint: Play around with different looks! Do you like it better with a patterned shirt? Or a striped cardigan? Mix and match different solids and patterns to create a look that encompasses your personal style.


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