Let's Hear it for the Boys

The spring semester has officially begun here at University of Illinois. It’s a time of fresh starts and new styles. On my way to the class, I spotted this Fashionisto’s admiration of a very popular print.

We’ve seen this print on the runway and in stores since last spring. The tribal fad is taken from the historical origins of natives across the world. We see the inspiration of this craze coming from the decorative traditions of Aztec, Mayan and Cherokee cultures, as well as other indigenous groups. Even if the Mayan’s didn’t predict this fashion craze, surely they would approve of their beautifully weaved designs appearing on today’s hoodies and sweaters.

This Fashionisto’s tribal sweater and general ’90s disheveled style caught my eye. Layering sweaters not only adds dimension, but keeps you warm during these cold January days. His sweater exhibits a subtle geometric pattern, the focal piece of his ensemble, which is complemented by a red undershirt. This pairing is a very thoughtful choice considering the color wheel.  Furthermore completing his look with combat boots and a great pair of glasses, this outfit calls for attention.

Hint: Explore different patterns and prints! Try to go with one bold print, it can always be toned down with straight legged jeans and boots. As we have seen the past few years, tribal print can be worn throughout all the seasons. Remember, everything can be customized to fit your style. So why not add a few statement different pieces here and there?


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