Let's Hear it for the Boys

With Indiana University being such a large campus, I can make my way from one end of campus to another and see so many students that just blend together because their styles are so similar. For this reason, it is all the more satisfying when I find a Fashionisto who breaks the everyday mold. I spotted this Fashionisto blazing in the sun (see what I did there?) and couldn’t help but notice his originality and alternative sense of style. His taste in fashion reveals a fresh, unorthodox approach to an old classic: the blazer.

Blazers are traditionally used to dress up and add polish to most outfits. They are a popular choice among business students and have become staples for formal events and interviews. However, this Fashionisto wears his blazer to convey a more casual, almost quirky vibe which is the focal point of his unique look. See these pieces from Sartorio, Michael Kors, Ann Demeulemeester and Yohji Yamamoto for modern, alternative takes on the classic blazer to get you inspired.

Pairing his subtly-patterned hounds tooth blazer with a graphic Mountain Dew T-shirt, tailored jeans, iridescent neon sunglasses and classic leather oxford shoes almost creates a fashion conundrum. How can a monochromatic blazer and classic pieces coexist with bright, graphic accessories? To most it would seem an impossible task. But to this Fashionisto, it’s the best way to make an unconventional fashion statement with added personal flair.

Hint: Take the reins from this trailblazing Fashionisto and be your own style icon. Follow the road less traveled rather than the mundane path paved by the masses. Find your style inspiration in the unique and use clothing as a tool to translate your personality into wearable expression. Life is too short and beautiful to waste time on trying to fit in—show your true colors!


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