LET’S HEAR IT FOR THE BOYS: Totally Tailored

Let's Hear it for the Boys

Remember when skinny jeans were the most popular trend out there for women? Well, that trend has turned into a staple piece in women’s fashion with new styles, like bold colors and patterns, arriving each season. Ironically though, skinny jeans were originally a man’s clothing item. Back in the 1950s, popular rebels like Elvis and James Dean invented the rock ‘n’ roll uniform of slim fitting jeans and leather jackets. Throughout the decades, the tightness of those jeans increased, unfortunately without the stretchiness that they have today. During the ’90s, boot cut and flare jeans became mainstream for both males and females, so when the skinny-jean craze struck in the mid-2000s, they were totally new for all the young Fashionstas/os out there.

As popular as those super-skinny jeans became for women, they just didn’t catch on the same way for men. Many males found skinny jeans to be too constrictive or felt like they were only for specific subcultures. I’m not here to say you have to be a part of those subcultures to wear those pants, I’m just saying there’s no need to force yourself into something that does not fit your body type.

But now you’re probably wondering, “What kind of pants am I supposed to wear then?” Enter: the slim fit pant. The slim fit pant is a close relative of the skinny jean, except it lets you breath. Slim fit pants have a structured, tailored shape; the difference being the leg is a straighter style with a wider leg opening than skinny jeans. Slim fit pants are also known as chinos.

Because slim fit tailored pants aren’t glued to your skin, they are more versatile. For instance, this IU Fashionisto keeps his Old Navy pants casual with a brown bomber jacket and plaid scarf. Don’t shy away from colored pants either. Since they aren’t skin tight, you don’t have to worry about drawing extra attention from a bold color and tightness combo. Tailored khakis allow you to dress up your look without having to go full-on business professional. Pair your pants with warm peacoat and loafers for a professional look or a plaid button-down and a vest for an everyday outfit.

Hint: Make sure to tailor the hems of your slim fit pants if they are too long. You don’t want to risk losing the structure they provide. You can also crop them by rolling up the bottoms to help show off your stylish oxfords or sneakers.


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