Let's Hear it for the Boys

Monday is always the day that everyone seems to hate on. The start of classes, another work week or simply another week appears even more daunting in the dead of winter. So, when I was trudging along and trying to avoid all the slush on a Monday full of classes, my day instantly brightened when I saw this Fashionisto. I noticed right away the fun key elements to his outfit—the matching colors in his shirt and accessories.

The varying shades of gray are an important main component of this Fashionisto’s outfit. He starts off with a slate gray zipper peacoat, then he makes sure to layer up to keep warm in the cold. The dark gray knit hat tops off a similar shade of gray in the cozy scarf. However, the scarf has different gray tones woven throughout and the lighter color reflects as the color of the denim jeans.

Fascinatingly enough, what ties together the outfit while adding tiny pops of color is at the top—his hat. His winter headgear not only retains heat against the chilly breezes and sudden snowflakes of the season, but it encompasses all the colors of his outfit onto his head. All shades of gray are present, with the lighter grays of his scarf, jeans and even backpack, to the dark gray of his jacket. However, the tinges of burgundy and white reappear again in a grander scale on his shirt. Everything ultimately ties together color wise in this Fashionisto’s attire, all thanks to his hat.

Hint: Can’t find a hat like this Fashionisto’s where all the colors of your outfit show up? Try matching one solid piece from your outfit to your hat, like a shirt or coat, to make a bold, but still simplistic statement.


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