Let's Hear it for the Boys

Donning black during the summertime rarely happens, especially in South Texas. It’s an obvious choice to avoid, and with most college students lounging around in summer tanks and shorts, today’s Fashionisto immediately caught my attention with his vintage sense of style that I happen to be particularly fond of.

This Fashionisto’s love for vintage is apparent from his hat, down to his shoes. His monochromatic look stands apart from the rest, even without the use of any expected summer hues. For one, a hat is a necessity, an essential accessory that completes a look, as this Fashionisto seamlessly demonstrates. Once again, a classic plaid button-down has made its way onto the back of my subject, but this time, it has a vintage vibe. Here, the ensemble is great for the day but it can also fluently transition from day to night with simple changes such as tucking in his shirt and adding snazzy suspenders.

Perhaps one of the main reasons why this look is so unique, isn’t necessarily the garments being worn, but the body art and mustache that have become part of this Fashionisto’s personal style. Details like these become an extension of a person’s thoughts, interests and attitude and are much less about being trendy.

Hint: It’s time to rock your coolest headgear, Fashionistos! A vintage-inspired hat will set the perfect tone to your summer wardrobe. From a classic pork pie hat to add a dapper touch, to a much more casual, relaxed cap that most of us can pair along with just about anything, these options are your ensemble’s perfect finishing touch!


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