Let's Hear it for the Boys

The weather has definitely been unpredictable this season. Even though it’s winter time, this Fashionisto was able to catch a break and rock just a T-shirt and pair of jeans. Sporting a T-shirt with a pair of jeans can be hard to make look fashion-forward than most layered outfits, but this Fashionisto pulls it off quite successfully.

Camouflage has seen a quick rise in men’s fashion this season, especially camouflage patterned pants. This Fashionisto gave the pants a break from camouflage and patterned up to his T-shirt instead. He isn’t wearing the average camouflage pattern, though. “Tiger camo” has recently been used to spice up the more basic, original camouflage that’s been around for years. Black denim complements his outfit, contributing to the masculinity this Fashionisto is going for with his look.

A pair of vintage high-top Vans allows this Fashionisto to be both stylish and ready for action. A backpack helps carry any necessary tools for the day’s encounters. Days like these need to be spent outside, so an outfit like this Fashionisto’s–stylish and cozy–is a great way to enjoy the fresh air.

Hint: Camouflage might be just the thing to help you stand out this season. Try and find a unique camouflage to fit your style, like this Fashionisto has done. There are multiple camouflage patterns out there! A pair of black jeans are not a must-have piece, but they do go well with this look. I suggest grabbing a pair of 511 Levi Commuters, if you are looking for some new jeans. They are the best pair of jeans I’ve ever bought. Also, a pair of high-top shoes tend to give a masculine look to a Fashionisto, or a pair of Converse, P.F. Flyers or Clarks could help do the trick, too.



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