Let's Hear it for the Boys

Just a few short weeks ago at Eastern Connecticut’s activities fair I was approached by this gentleman carrying his DSLR camera asking about our fashion club. He came into the club with fantastic ideas such as “bow tie Fridays” and is always willing to lend a helping hand. Each passing week I learn more about our members style, and remain intrigued with this week’s Fashionisto. His classy and preppy wardrobe bring a new edge into a female dominated fashion club, and for that we love him.

Our Fashionisto wears an argyle sweater on this crisp day that consists of basic colors. This allows him to incorporate another pattern into the outfit while also giving him the opportunity to include other colors. Underneath his argyle sweater he chose a sky blue button-down dress shirt with a white stripe. This shirt gave him a great second pattern and allowed that pop of color to come out. He adds his signature tie underneath as well, a simple black tie that is easily worn with many different outfits and colors. On his bottom this Fashionisto wears a basic pair of jeans that are a cross between blue and grey, giving the jeans versatility within the outfit and outside of it. His shoes are practical for walking around campus while sticking to the color scheme of the outfit—a pair of gray suede sneakers.

Hint: Afraid to mix pattern and color? Try a solid sweater like this one to allow for more pattern on the shirt underneath, or even your tie. A fun pattern on a shirt could be a plaid or even one with polka-dots. This gives you more room to experiment with pattern and color without fully stepping outside of your comfort zone.


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