LET’S HEAR IT FOR THE BOYS: Tie-ing It All Together

Let's Hear it for the Boys

Not swayed by the recent snowfall, this Fashionisto unleashes his inner style despite the elements. He effortlessly pairs a slim fit button-down, tie, oxfords and dark washed jeans together. Always start the semester strong with a stunning outfit that is sure to make even the dreariest of winters a bit more bearable.

What I appreciate most about this Fashionisto is his mixing of the stereotypically taboo color combo brown and black. As exhibited here, this can be done and done well. To achieve a look similar to this, start with a slim fit button-down. Choose one with a classic print. Some good options are either solid, checkered or a small pinstripe. This Fashionisto is sporting a wool tie, a great option for winter months. Embrace versatility. Opt for dark washed jeans instead of the typical dress pant. Roll them up once or twice, skip the socks and lace up your oxfords. Lastly, throw on a warm coat and you are ready for the day.

It is important not to dash your style by forgetting about your hair. Take note from this Fashionisto. He chooses a cut that is closely shaven on the sides and longer on top, making for a professional yet trendy look.

Clearly this Fashionisto knows how to make an ensemble both interesting and edgy. Not only can the outfit here be worn during the day, but it can also transition into the night. This versatility cements the outfit as a great option for college students.

HINT: If you hail from regions that have four seasons, invest in a warm coat. Pricier options are fine because you will have it for numerous winters. Check out this one that is fur-lined or the classic Barbour jacket.


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