Let's Hear it for the Boys

At the risk of sounding like a broken record and showing my water cooler talk prowess by bringing up the weather again, but what is going on here, Mother Nature? We’ve got 50 degrees and rainy one day, 70 and humid the next and the day after that, the skies open back up and we’re all freezing again. Finals are upon us, we’re all packing up to move out of our dorms or apartments and I am not afraid to say my need for summer and sleep override my love of style for this week, and this week only. But we must soldier on, troops. Summer just has to happen, and it’s going to be here before we know it, so let’s go out with a bang, rain or shine. This Fashionisto has armored himself for finals week in a summer classic-turned-perennial staple. He’s setting trends just by looking like he’s not about to tear his hair out and flee the country. His tie dye sweater is clean, comfortable and casual; and it isn’t the usual tie dye rainbow — the rest of his look isn’t too loud. Overall, he looks great in a time when all of us would like to be curled up under our blankets in day’s old pajamas.

Hint: Tie dye used to be a hippie thing, we get it: free love, headbands, round shades, beads. This week it’s important for us to be calm, loving and happy, but let’s forget Woodstock (or even Coachella) when you pull your tie dyed pieces, Fashionistos. It’s overdone and way predictable for the summer. My favorite tie dye pieces are the ones that aren’t typically tie dyed. Try out this denim shirt by River Island for a classic piece with a casual twist. This sweater adheres more closely to this Fashionisto’s look in a bright red to rev up morale in the trenches of finals. Don’t stress too much, summer is upon us and hopefully warmth. Happy dressing!


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